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Frequently Asked Questions

*****Customer Notice:  Banks and bank customers are commonly exposed to higher rates of unauthorized purchase attempts during the holiday season.  As a proactive measure, for our customers' protection, there may be enhanced security measures for select debit card purchases.  If you have experienced a difficulty making a purchase, please know ATM withdrawals with your debit card will continue to function as usual.  If you have additional questions, please call our customer service line during normal business hours  at 1-866-310-0763. ***** 

I am an Evans Bank credit card holder and am having trouble locating the account access link to make an online payment.  Am I still able to access my account information and make payments through the Evans website?
Absolutely.  Evans recently introduced a new credit card provider as of May 1, 2012.  For all credit card holders prior to May 1,2012, you can still access your account information, including checking your balance, making payments, and other customer service related issues.  Click here to access your account information.  Also, for cardholders prior to May 1, 2012 who participate in the rewards program, you can continue to check your balances, etc. through

Why is my debit card payment for my phone/gas/ electric bill not processing?
I've never had any trouble with these in the past...

Several utility companies have changed the way they process on-line bill payments through their own websites, which may cause VISA debit transactions to be denied.  If you experience any trouble completing an on-line payment using your Evans VISA debit card, simply select the "process payment as a credit card" link found on their bill payment page.  The transaction amount will be deducted directly from your checking account, and is a safer transaction-you will be prompted  to enter the CVV code on the back of the card.  ALWAYS SELECT CREDIT-  Only purchases processed as "credit" transactions qualify for VISA's Zero Liability, Purchase Security and Warranty Extension programs.

What are the limits of my debit card usage for a single day?
ATM withdrawals using an Evans Bank debit card cannot exceed $500 in any single day.  Point of Sale transactions may not exceed $1,000 in any single day.  Please contact Customer Service with any questions regarding debit card usage.

How do I activate my Evans Bank debit card?
To activate a new Evans Bank debit card, you must call the number listed on the card and follow the prompts.  Contact Customer Service with any further questions concerning debit card activation.

I have an Evans Bank Credit Card.  Can I make a payment online?
Yes.  Register for your account online, and you can check balances, pay bills, and other customer service issues.  You can find the link on our website under PERSONAL, Lending, and select the option for Credit Cards.  Click on the My Account link to access.

What is the Evans Bank routing number?
The Evans Bank routing number is 0223-1012-1.  The routing number is located at the bottom of an Evans Bank check, and is required for any on-line banking activity.  Please contact Customer Service for further details on the Bank’s routing number.

I am trying to set up direct deposit, and the system is not recognizing my account number.  Am I inputting it correctly?
When setting up direct deposit, please be sure to include the three digits after the hyphen (000 or 020) as this is also part of your account number.  If you are still having issues setting up direct deposit, please contact our Customer Service Center for assistance.

I am trying to calculate the interest on my Better Checking account and am not clear on how the amount is arrived at.  Is there a formula to calculate the interest?
Interest on your Better Checking account accrues daily, based on the balance in the account and whether or not you met the monthly qualifications.  Checks that you deposited into your account will not earn interest for one business day, even though the amount of the checks may show in your available balance.  The following are approximate calculations that you can use to estimate your interest payment.

Scenario One:  Monthly qualifications are not met:  Multiply your average balance by 0.10% for the yearly amount, then divide by twelve for the monthly amount.

Scenario Two:  Monthly qualifications are met and your balance was never above $10,000:  Multiply your average balance by 1.50% for the yearly amount, then divide by twelve for the monthly amount.  (Because different months have 28, 29 (leap year), 30 and 31 days, this calculated amount will vary from the actual amount credited.)

Scenario Three:  Monthly qualifications are met and your balance was above $10,000 for each day of the month:  Multiply $10,000 by 1.50% for the yearly amount, then divide by twelve for the monthly amount.  Add to this figure the result of multiplying the amount above $10,000 by 0.25%, then dividing by twelve.  (Because different months have 28, 29 (leap year), 30, and 31 days, this calculated amount will vary from the actual amount credited.)

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