Safeguard Overdraft Service (SOS)
If you should overdraw your consumer checking account; we can, at our discretion, decide to cover your overdrafts up to $750, as outlined in our Safeguard Overdraft Service Policy.  

This value-added service may save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of a returned check as well as the fee normally charged you by merchants for checks returned to them.  If you have directed us to, we will also make this overdraft limit available to you at the ATM for your cash withdrawals and when you use your Visa Check Card for purchases at retail merchants, which can help you avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of declined electronic transactions.

If an overdraft does happen, your account will be charged our standard insufficient fund fee for handling each item paid by your overdraft limit.  This is the same fee that Evans Bank currently charges for items drawn against insufficient funds, paid or returned to the payee.  Contact your local branch to opt in to this service.

Pocket the Change
With Pocket the Savings from Evans Bank, every time you make a purchase with your VISA® Debit Card from your Evans Bank Checking Account, we’ll transfer the difference between the purchase and the next full dollar amount into your Statement Savings Account.  In simply no time at all, you’ll see your savings grow.

Sign up today and let Pocket the Savings help you reach your savings goals.  Visit or call any branch for more information.

For further questions on any Banking products and services, please contact your local Bank branch to schedule a personal appointment to review our product line and discuss your own unique situation.

Banking Resources
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Reorder Checks
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