Cash Flow Management Managing cash flows is especially important to businesses today. Evans Bank provides the services you need to manage these cash flows as well as streamline processing for accounts receivable and accounts payable.  Our Cash Management team specializes in understanding your business, evaluating your needs and providing recommendations that directly improve your bottom line.

Evans Bank offers the latest technology in Online Reporting, Remote Deposit Capture, Merchant Services, Account Reconciliation and Fraud Control services.

Cash Manager  
Use Cash Manager to manage cash flows, monitor account activity and originate ACH and wire transfers–wherever and whenever you need.

This single sign-on portal allows you to:

  • Access your business accounts 24/7
  • Obtain detailed balance and transaction information
  • Initiate ACH and wire transfer payments
  • Make federal and state tax payments
  • Originate employee direct deposits

Deposit Express
With Deposit Express you can make daily deposits without leaving your office.  Using a scanner and PC, all U.S. checks are deposited electronically, which allows you to:

  • Improve availability of funds
  • Reduce the number of trips to the bank
  • Provide archives of deposit activity

Merchant Services
Use Merchant Services to process credit, debit and gift card transactions using the latest technology and security.  By choosing Merchant Services from Evans you can:

  • Process VISA®, MasterCard®, Amex®, Diners Club® and Discover®Cards.

Investment Sweep
Maintain daily liquidity of your excess, idle business account balances using Evans Bank Investment Sweep service.  All deposits and disbursements will be processed to your account daily.  At the close of business, the bank will determine the net investable balance and transfer the funds to an overnight investment account.  You will receive a statement each month detailing the transfer activity and total interest earned for the period.
Since the bank will automatically transfer the funds on your behalf, you have the assurance that all daily funding needs will be met and you will maximize the interest earnings on your excess, idle balances.

ACH Receipts
Take control of your accounts receivable timeline and offer an easier payment option to your trading partners using ACH Receipts on Cash Manager.  With ACH Receipts, you simply enter your trading partners’ account information or update an existing batch file, submit the file, and receive available funds in your business account the next business day.

Full Account Reconciliation
Reconciling your business checking accounts can be challenging.  Evans Bank offers Full Account Reconciliation services to streamline the reconciliation process.  With Full Account Reconciliation, you simply forward check issue details to the bank.  The bank will compare check paid details to check issue details, making adjustments where needed.  We will provide you a fully reconciled account, including check paid, outstanding, voided items and stop payment reports each statement cycle.

Positive Pay
Enhance Full Account Reconciliation and reduce check fraud using Positive Pay

  • Evans will match check issue details to check paid details to ensure only authorized checks post to your account
  • Suspect items will be reported to you electronically

ACH Debit Filter
Use ACH Debit Filter to ensure only authorized ACH withdrawals are processed to your account.

  • You advise the bank regarding the company’s authorized to withdrawal funds electronically
  • Evans will allow authorized debits to process and electronically report suspect items

ZBA (Zero Balance Account)
Link deposit accounts and disbursement accounts using ZBA service

  • Evans will automatically transfer funds between the accounts as needed to ensure all disbursements are funded, and to concentrate balances at the end of each business day

Credit Sweep
Use Evans Credit Sweep to effectively borrow from and pay down your working capital line of credit.

  • Evans will automatically transfer funds from your credit line to cover checks and electronic disbursements, or to pay down outstanding line balances, depending on your daily net cash position

Contact our Cash Management Division for more information on any of our cash management products and services, or to set up an appointment to discuss your own unique situation.