Making HSAs Work BETTER
For You, Your Employees, and Your Bottom Line


A balanced solution to rising health care costs

Each year, more and more employers are trading in their high-cost health plans for a consumer-driven health benefit that combines a qualified low-premium health plan (commonly referred to as a high-deductible health plan or HDHP) with a health savings account (HSA).

They’re making the switch because the combination of an HDHP and HSA allows them to reduce their company’s healthcare costs, while providing a quality health benefit for employees.  It’s a balanced solution to the rising costs of healthcare.  And Evans Bank can help your business take advantage of it!

The bottom line benefits of an HSA Program

Combining an HDHP with an HSA creates an affordable solution and sustainable health benefit that can:

-Reduce your health plan premiums.  Premiums for HSA-compatible health plans are generally lower than traditional healthcare plans.

Help employees stay healthier and become smarter healthcare consumers.  Employees with HSAs tend to be more aware of healthcare costs and more actively involved in their healthcare decisions.

Lower your taxes.  When you contribute to your employees’ HSAs, that amount is excluded from your FICA, Unemployment and Workers Compensation taxes.

The more employees that enroll, the greater the savings will be.  So it’s important to make this benefit choice as attractive as possible.

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