Observation – most providers of school liability insurance miss critical details!

Whose insurance takes the hit FIRST, Yours? Or the contractors?
Does your liability insurance cover your Special Ed/I.E.P. claims?
Will your district’s liability insurance cover you for lawsuits arising from a trip to a foreign country?
Facilities use by third parties – We know it’s a problem and have a solution to your concerns.

Our experience in this specialty insurance line allows us to close many of the important insurance “loopholes” that other agencies overlook:

  • We provide a level of liability risk management services to our schools that is simply unmatched by our competitors.
  • Property and Liability insurance for school districts and BOCES that’s as broad as it gets; second to none.
  • Easy comparison of Student Accident insurance from ALL of the viable markets!
  • A full range of innovative solutions to your employee benefits needs.
  • Complete, competitive, local banking services.

All forms of Life & Disability insurance, both group and individual.  Talk with us about those needs in your administrator’s contracts!
For more information on any of our insurance products and services, or to set up an appointment to discuss your own unique situation: Contact our Commercial Lines Insurance Team