Evans Bank offers surcharge-free ATM access at all of our financial centers and through a network of affiliated financial institutions, retail establishments, and centers of higher learning. Your Evans Debit MasterCard or ATM card gives you fee-free, unlimited access at thousands of local and national convenience stores, drugstores, grocery stores and discount retailers through our special relationships with the Allpoint Network and MoneyPass.

Surcharge-Free ATM Access with Allpoint
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The Allpoint Network gives Evans Bank customers surcharge-free access to 43,000 ATMs in the U.S. and 55,000 throughout the world, including 270 fee-free ATMs within 50 miles of Buffalo. Some Allpoint ATMs may be branded by another financial institution or retailer. As long as the Allpoint name or logo is on the machine, it’s fee-free!

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MoneyPass allows Evans Bank customers fee-free access to more than 24,000 ATMs nationwide.

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To make finding an Evans Bank ATM easier, use the chart below to help determine what type of location and access each ATM offers. Most network ATMs offer access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however certain locations limit service to business hours or hours of operation.

  • DEP Deposits Accepted
  • EB Evans Bank financial center or ATM
  • EDU Off-premises ATM at a College/University
  • RTL Off-premises ATM at a business
  • 24/7 24-hours/7-days a week
  • BH Business hours
  • SUH Student Union hours
ATM Locations Access* Type*
837 Bloomingdale Road (TP Deli) BH EB
3388 Sheridan Drive 24/7 EB/DEP
9566 Lake Shore Road (Stroh’s Tavern) BH RTL/EB
Coca-Cola Field, Pettibone’s Grill and Gift Shop, 275 Washington Street BH EB
2670 Delaware Avenue 24/7 EB/DEP
925 Elmwood Avenue 24/7 EB/DEP
Tri-Main Building, 2495 Main Street BH EB
8411 Main Street 24/7 EB/DEP
6840 Erie Road 24/7 EB/DEP
8599 Erie Road 24/7 EB/DEP
Lakeshore High School, 959 Beach Road BH EB
25 Main Street 24/7 EB
One Grimsby Drive BH EB
Hilbert College EDU EB
5999 South Park Avenue 24/7 EB/DEP
11403 Erie Road (First American Tobacco) BH RTL/EB
Native Pride, 11359 Route 20 BH RTL/EB
4979 Transit Road 24/7 EB
5688 South Transit Road 24/7 EB/DEP
North Boston
7205 Boston State Road 24/7 EB/DEP
Orchard Park
Beerz Food Shop, 4906 South Buffalo Road BH EB
2800 Niagara Falls Boulevard 24/7 EB/DEP
West Seneca
938 Union Road 24/7 EB/DEP
5178 Main Street 24/7 EB/DEP


ATM access subject to change without notice.