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Hamburg, NY 14075
(716) 549-2000
Fax (716) 926-8690

Management and Account Executives
Mark St. George, CPCU 5327  Manager mstgeorge@evansagencyins.com
Frederick Gould CPCU, CSRM 5310  Account Executive fgould@evansagencyins.com
Ronald Miller, CPCU 5207  Account Executive rmiller@evansagencyins.com
Paul Terranova 3749  Account Executive pterranova@evansagencyins.com
Bryan Krempa 1400  Account Executive bkrempa@evansagencyins.com
Randy Glenn, AAI 3738  Account Executive rglenn@evansagencyins.com
Joshua Merewether, CSRM 3727 Senior Business Account Manager jmerewether@evansagencyins.com
Kathleen Rapasadi, CIC, CPIA, CISP 3930  Account Executive krapasadi@evansagencyins.com
Steve Jepson 3952 VP, Director of Employee Benefits sjepson@evansagencyins.com
Dave Aston 3968 AVP, Employee Benefits Account Executive daston@evansagencyins.com
Kathleen Armstrong 5456  Employee Benefits Accounts Executive karmstrong@evansagencyins.com



Operations and Administration
Marissa Metzger, CPCU, CIC  5317 Customer Service Manager  mmetzger@evansagencyins.com
Connie Smith, ACSR, CPIW, FIPC  5315 Customer Service Rep  csmith@evansagencyins.com
Debra Williams, ACSR  5307  Customer Service Representative  dwilliams@evansagencyins.com
Elizabeth Miller, ACSR  5308  Account Administrator  emiller@evansagencyins.com
Julie Gerwitz  5462 Account Administrator – Agriculture  jgerwitz@evansagencyins.com
Christopher Ross  3742  Customer Service Representative  cross@evansagencyins.com
Karen Kennelly  5201 Administration  kkennel@evansagencyins.com